Istanbul, 1 April 2016, 11:29
by Marta Moslw

Peace is really busy these days. They keep calling her from everywhere, from very distant places. She keeps running from one city to another, trying to be in all of them at the same time… but no one can do that, right!?

I run into her the other day, in a beautiful spring morning, in the streets of Istanbul. I had to rush to catch her, and walk fast to keep up with her pace. She told me that she was briefly visiting the city, that she had had some very intense days of work, and that she expected not to have to come back in a long time.

I asked her if she thought she would be able to go on holiday soon. She truly looked exhausted. “Maybe not this year…”, I looked at her with disappointment… “but I had a meeting with Hope earlier this morning and she told me she’s positive about the next one. Less busy times are to come, I’m sure.”


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