Inhabitants of the Forbidden City

Beijing (Forbidden City), 4 November 2016, 14:25
by Marta Moslw

This cutie is one of the few lucky beings who gets to freely reside within the Forbidden City, a paradise amidst the craziness of Beijing.

Every single member of the staff who would pass by would check that its majesty was fine and that it had enough food and milk in its plate. Its long messy dusty fur and chubby paws made it look more like a miniature lion, so majestic and charismatic that all the tourists around would stop taking photos of the wonders in the city just to contemplate it.

I stayed there and observed the scene in captivation. The more I looked at it the more certain I was that this cat could be the soul of the last emperor of China, who turning into an animal shape found the way to remain within the walls of his paradise city for eternity.


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