13 April 2015 (II), Paris

Paris (Les Tuileries), 13 April 2015, 19:07
by Marta Moslw

I continue my walk across Les Tuileries towards the Louvre.

On my way I observe people… I imagine myself lively chatting in French and joining them for a picnic by the fountain. We eat Camembert and white grapes, and drink several glasses of wine because that’s just how parisians picnic, while we share our dreams about the future and deep reflections on the misteries of life.

My heart feels joyful and… alive.


I reach the Louvre and, once again, I’m amazed at the magnificency of this palace. No matter how many times I stand before it, it always feels like the first.

Paris (Le Louvre), 13 April 2015, 19:20
by Marta Moslw

The glass pyramid in the middle is my favourite. I can imagine what a shock it must have been when it was revealed and people laid their eyes on it for the first time. It amuses me to fantasize about their faces and reactions at the time. I bet it was followed by scandal and controversy, and even branded as a major atrocity against art, tradition and good taste.

Yet life went on, as it always does.

Days turned into months, and months into years. And whether they liked it or not, didn’t really matter; since there would come a day when one would find it difficult to imagine that the area where the pyramid stood was once just a vast empty space.

Paris (Le Louvre), 13 April 2015, 19:32
by Marta Moslw

҉       ҉       ҉


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