13 April 2015 (III), Paris

I arrive at the Louvre’s western façade and stare at it in awe. I can feel how the sun is coming down behind me by the colors that the stone reflects. Still white but slightly beginning to turn yellow.

I observe people coming in and out of the open gallery that leads to the palace’s central patio. Some come out of the dark and into the light. Others leave the light to plunge into the shadows of the passageway. As they approach, their blurry silhouettes become alive and full of color. As they leave, their figures slowly vanish. I enjoy watching the show. It feels like holding in my hand one of those holograms where shapes fade in and out and magically seem to move as you slightly turn them, first left then right.


At some point, a young stylish woman comes out of the dark and I can’t stop my gaze from unconciously following her. From that moment on, I have eyes for nobody else…

Paris (Le Louvre), 13 April 2015, 19:45
by Marta Moslw

With her short black dress and trainers and her sunglasses on, in my eyes she portrays the perfect image of the new generation of parisians. The magnificency of the Louvre’s architecture stands behind, as the ideal background to this dream-like picture. There are moments in life that seem to have been meticulously planned by some kind of mysterious force and this is certainly one of them. I feel like it’s all part of a carefully staged fashion shoot rather than some coincidental scene.

After a few seconds, it begins to be obvious that she awaits someone. She stands still, her head leaning forward, obsessively tapping her phone. I wonder whether she’s truly chatting or just pretending to do so…

I slowly sneak my phone out of my pocket and begin to quietly take some shots. Discreetly at first, then more openly.

I think she knows. She must know… and yet she continues, standing there at top of the staircase, pretending the whole thing is just very natural… when we both know it’s not. I can feel the intangible connection we’ve created, just through sneaky glances and slow motion gestures. A timid spark of joy and excitement fills my heart as I realise this is possibly my first interaction with a stranger in Paris.

In a matter of just a few seconds I take something like a hundred shots, trying to find the perfect framing that does justice to this unplanned yet beautiful setting.

I move slightly to the left and take another couple of shots. She smiles. She does it for me. I’m aware that the perfection of this moment will be gone soon. I focus on trying to get a nice photo. Sometimes I do, many others I don’t. But just playing to be a photographer for a while is always so much fun.


She suddenly stops posing and moves… it seems that her friend is finally here. And just as unexpectedly as she arrived, she leaves the stage and disappears. I wish I could thank her but once again, I’m too shy. I thank her in the same secret fashion I used to try to photograph her.

I love it when complete strangers pose just for me. They truly make the best models.

Paris (Le Louvre), 13 April 2015, 19:45
by Marta Moslw

҉       ҉       ҉


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