13 April 2015 (IV), Paris

I stand alone at the bottom of the steps that lead to the gallery and into the patio. My body stays still for a few more seconds, savouring the magic of the scene that just vanished before my eyes.

I then notice my elongated shadow on the staircase…

I contemplate it from a distance, as if it didn’t belong to me, as if I were looking at some odd piece of art that someone had painted there. I find it funny how my short legs seem to be endless now. For a while I observe it, standing there, on the very same spot my incidental model was just a minute ago.

I take my phone back out and take a photograph.

I look at the image on the screen and smile. There’s nothing special about it but… I quite like it. As I continue staring at it, I can feel how something begins to silently change inside me… like a quiet wave that originates in my eyes and gently reaches every corner of my body, washing away every bit of skepticism that was left, finally letting me come to the true realisation that I’m actually physically here, in this city.

Paris (Le Louvre), 13 April 2015, 19:48
by Marta Moslw

I walk up the stairs and as soon as I reach the top, I turn around to have a last look at the pyramid. The sun is setting behind, but still a bit high and I need to squint. With my eyes half-closed I can see the black silhouette of the left and right wings of the palace, and the clear sky with just a few scattered clouds through the smoked glass of the pyramid. The image looks otherworldly. For a second my mind takes me to the pyramids of Giza and I can almost feel the warmth of the Egyptian sun on my skin. A shiver runs down my spine. That must be an experience that’s worth living.

I find it hard to stop staring at the view and just leave… but I do. I turn around and walk a few steps before plonging into the darkness of the passageway. Funnily enough, once inside it, it isn’t as dark as it seemed and I can actually see everything around me pretty clearly. Just as it often happens with anything that’s scary in life, really… I think to myself.

Before exiting the gallery and moving into the patio, I can’t help turning around one last time to try to catch a last glympse of the pyramid…

And I do catch it. And again, it’s beautiful.

As I stand there in contemplation with passersby coming and going both of my sides, I witness the creation of some sort of magical farewell postcard right before my eyes…

A young couple stands in the middle of the passageway, right below the stone arch at the entrance. They stand against the light and I can only see their silhouettes, golden sun beams coming from behind. People continue to pass by, minding only their own business, not even noticing a bit of what is going on around.

The two lovers look at the views of the pyramid and then closely into each others’ eyes. They hold hands. I remain still, just a few meters away. To them, nor me nor the outside world exists. An airplane crosses the sky, leaving a shining trail behind…

They kiss.

Time freezes.

Paris (Le Louvre), 13 April 2015, 19:53
by Marta Moslw

I slip my phone out of my pocket and snap a shot. The world seems to now run in slow motion. I take another shot, trying to capture a moment that feels like is going to last for eternity… and another, and yet another. I make the most of these few seconds and take it all within my soul, finding this beauty a place where I can keep it safe forever. I continue photographing them. The magic of this moment can vanish anytime…

… and that’s precisely what makes it so special.

҉       ҉       ҉



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