‘Meeting Jim’


In January 2016 I moved to the city of Istanbul to start working on a crazy project. Ece (a filmmakerinparis) and I would set out to make a completely independent film about Jim Haynes, the man who first introduced us. An extraordinary 83-year-old “boy” who every Sunday, for the past 40 years, has been opening the doors of his Parisian atelier to welcome dozens of strangers from all around the world to dinner. A fact that is just a mere consequence of a unique philosophy, an immense love for people and a contagious enthusiasm for life.

The shooting of the documentary took place in summer 2016, after a successful crowdfunding campaign through which we managed to raise 23,000$. For 2 months we lived with Jim in Paris and travelled with him to the cities of London and Edinburgh. A crazy adventure full of wild stories and wonderful people.

Although the shootings are over now, the journey continues. We are currently on post production and it is never too late to join us on this incredible adventure. HERE you can visit our website and read all about the story of the film and our process.